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Welcome to SAGRP  

     SYSTEM ARCHITECTS GROUP personnel have developed a reputation as a premier provider of systems, storage and security solutions. SYSTEM ARCHITECTS GROUP provides services for Solaris, AIX, IRIX, Linux and NT platforms.
     SYSTEM ARCHITECTS GROUP has been a leader in the design and implementation of complex systems architectures. SYSTEM ARCHITECTS GROUP continues to provide support for systems and works on the integration of new technologies.


Services Overview  

System Architects Group is delivering architectural and design services for: 

  • Storage Area Networks
  • Information Security
  • Networking and Databases
  • Software Engineering  


System Architecture. SYSTEM ARCHITECTS GROUP has been involved in the integration of workstations and servers, server consolidation, moves to new locations, and the deployment of INTERNET resources. SYSTEM ARCHITECTS GROUP has had the role of gathering customer requirements and turning them into working systems.


System Architects Group   Located in scenic
Eldersburg, Maryland